Big Farm Hack

Become a successful farmer by taking care of your livestock, caring for your crops and making sure your lands are always in the best form in this free-to-play browser game. In Goodgame Big Farm, you inherit the control quite the large piece of land. Your daily tasks now include caring for the various animals, planting different crops and harvesting them once they are ripe. These crops can then be sold on the market in order to get you some cash in your pocket. Rather than just planting and harvesting all day long, you operate your farm from an economic standpoint as well. Some plants you have to bring to the mill to be processed, where they are then turned into animal feed. Naturally, the farm animals in the browser-based game Goodgame Big Farm produce their own… “waste”. However, instead of just scraping it into a wheelbarrow and dumping it somewhere, you can use their excrement to your advantage – making dung. This actually improves the time in which the plants need to grow, giving you an advantage when trying to up your production. Without a doubt, you cannot do all of this alone. That is why you can also hire on additional personnel to help you get the job done. Just make sure to budget well because you not only have to make sure that they get paid, you need money to expand your farm as well. To make your job a little bit easier on the farm in Goodgame Big Farm, you can join an alliance with other players and take advantage of group benefits. That way, you don’t get overwhelmed with your work. There is also even the opportunity for you to challenge other players and prove that you are the best farmer around! 


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