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Supreme Heroes: Card RPG
Supreme Heroes is a simulation card RPG that lets you create your own superhero and battle against fearsome enemies and bosses. Customize your character with thousands of costumes and gear while collecting cards and equips to mutate abilities. This is an addictive superhero RPG game available on mobile phones and tablets running in either Android or iOS. It is perfectly compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and iPod Touch. Come now and join leagues to fight injustice and test your wits along with strategic card-style battles. Create a unique hero appearance and fight other heroes to test your abilities and gain prestige. Earn resources to gain power and levels or purchase packs of ability cards, gears, and game changing boosts. Protect the city to become the Supreme Hero and forge you own comic book legend. Additionally, another suggested best game hack you can test is the Miscrits Sunfall Kingdom Hack, Cheats and Trainer.
Want to know more about Supreme Heroes? Read the Supreme Heroes Wiki and Game Guide below. You may also want to check the Laboratz Hack Unlimited Coins & Pills.

Supreme Heroes Online Hack Tool and Cheats Guide

Works for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and iOS

Step 1. Download the Supreme Heroes hack below by Use the downloader and select whether your computer operating system is Windows or Mac.
Step 2. Connect your Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or any iOS device to computer USB. Supreme Heroes app must be installed and running with Internet connection.
Step 3. Click on “Detect Device” button.
hacking supreme heroes 1
Step 4. Edit the values.
hacking supreme heroes 2
Step 5. Click on “Patch Game” button.
hacking supreme heroes 3
Step 6. Reload Supreme Heroes app and see your new stats.
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Complete Supreme Heroes Wiki and Game Guide

Tap Around
Welcome to Supreme Heroes! As you play through the game feel free to explore and tap on various elements in the game. Many of them will open overlays or are navigation points.
The HUD is the upper portion of your screen. Each of the five areas in the HUD is tappable and each opens a different menu.
YOUR AVATAR: This is the bust of your Supreme. Tapping this will open options related to your avatar and hero.
YOUR ENERGY: You use energy to do missions. This meter, in the HUD, displays how much energy you currently have out of your maximum of 100. Tapping on this will open options related to spending and gaining fights.
YOUR BUCKS: This is the total amount of Bucks you have in game. Bucks can be used to purchase packs and pay for mutation and fusion. Tapping on this will open options related to spending and gaining bucks.
YOUR SUPREMIUM: This is the total amount of Supremium you have to spend. Supremium is a premium currency which can be used to purchase packs, refreshes, and perks. Tapping on this will open the Supremium Purchase Overlay.
Above the HUD
HOME ICON: Tapping this icon will navigate to the Home Page.
“?” HELP ICON: When available, tapping on this icon will open a Help Overlay related to the page you are viewing.
MORE ICON: Tapping on this icon will navigate to the “More” page.
Home is the first screen you see when you come in the game. You can navigate back to Home at any time by tapping the “Home Icon” in the upper left of the screen.
PROMOTIONAL CAROUSEL: See the latest deals, promotions, and events. Swipe the carousel to land on a specific panel. Tap on the carousel to go to wherever/whatever the carousel is promoting.
EVENTS BUTTON: This button will promote any current or upcoming Events. Tap on the button to go to the Event that is being promoted. If there is no Event, tapping the button will navigate you to the Event Section.
LEAGUES BUTTON: Tapping on the leagues button will navigate you to the League List, if you are not in a League. If you are in a League it will take you to your League.
ABILITIES BUTTON: Tapping this button will navigate you to your Abilities.
GEAR BUTTON: Tapping this button will navigate you to your Gear Loadout.
Bottom Navigation Bar
The Bottom Navigation Bar (or Bot Bav) contains buttons which will navigate you to the most important parts of the game.
BATTLE: Tapping on this button will navigate to Battles.
MISSIONS: Tapping on this button will navigate to Missions.
MY HERO: Tapping on this button will navigate to My Hero.
SOCIAL: Tapping on this button will navigate to Social.
STORE: Tapping on this button will navigate to the Store.
Battle is where you can battle other Supremes. Any battle done through here, Ranks, or a player profile is considered a “Street Battle”. Street Battles don’t count towards Event progress. You will have to battle in the Event itself for the battle to count towards the Event.
In Battle, your battle list will immediately be filled with Supremes around your level. To find easier or harder opponents, simply tap the easier or harder buttons on the top left. You can tap these buttons multiple times to find even easier or harder opponents.
Easier opponents give less XP and Bucks. Harder opponents give more XP and Bucks.
To investigate an opponent, tap on their profile image. Here you can see some details about them, including how they have spent their stat points, their win/loss records, and more.
To fight an opponent, tap the fight button on the right side of their panel. These battles are considered “Street Battles”.
You may only defeat a Supreme in two Street Battles each day.
You can access Ranks by tapping on the Rank tab in Battle.
Ranks is a persistent leaderboard. Here you can measure yourself against other Superemes.. All of them.
Tap on “You” to go to your rank.
Tap on “Top 50” to go to the top of the leaderboard.
Tap on the up/down buttons to load the next rank of Supremes on the list.
Ranks uses a king-of-the-hill style of ranking. If you beat a Supreme in a Street Battle who is ranked higher than you, you swap ranks; you take their rank and they take your rank. This can only be achieved on battles you initiate. You do not swap ranks when other players attack you, even if you win. How high can you battle on the ranks? And how long can you hold it?
Tip: If you are focused on climbing the hill, resist the urge to “battle again” when you win. You can only beat a player twice a day. You might need that second victory to put them back in their place if they take the rank back from you.
Tip: Ranks count as a Street Battle, and all Street Battles are an opportunity to gain Rank. If you defeat a player in a Street Battle, and they are higher ranked than you, then you will swap ranks with them. This may not be immediately obvious if you initiated the battle from their profile page, your newsfeed, etc. Check the Ranks page to discern your current ranking.
Missions cost energy to do and give Bucks, XP, and other random rewards. Each tap of the button represents the effort your Supreme expends to complete the task at hand. When the progress bar is complete you have completed the mission and will tier up that mission.
Missions also tell the story of your Supreme and their adventures. Tap on the image in the mission frame to see a large version of the mission art.
Missions are the quickest and surest way to earn XP and Bucks. Missions also grant stat points for tiering them up. The rewards granted for levelling the final tiers of a story arc are massive.
Missions also contain mission battles. Mission battles tend to give good rewards on tier up. They are also a great place to test your builds.
When you complete the first tier of a mission, you will unlock the next mission in the sequence. From that point on, you can do either mission as often as you like.
Any rewards you receive will show up in the carousels. Tap on them to see more details.
My Hero
The My Hero section is where you can manage your Supreme.
YOUR AVATAR IMAGEL This is your Supreme in all their glory. Tap on the image to open the avatar editor. (Be sure to tap save when you’re don editing your avatar.)
EQUIP GEAR BUTTON: Tapping on this will open the Gear Loadout overlay. See the Gear help section for more information.
FUSE GEAR BUTTON: Tapping on this will open the Gear Fusion overlay. See the Fusion help section for more information.
USE CONSUMABLE BUTTON: Tapping on this will open the Consumable overlay. See the Consumable help section for more information.
ASSIGN STAT POINTS BUTTON: Tapping on this will open the Stat Point overlay. See the Base Stat help section for more information.
ALLIES: This is the amount of allies you have. Tap on the overlay to see a carousel of your allies. Under the allies are useful buttons. These will allow you to end your alliance or even declare them your nemesis!
ENEMIES: This is the amount of enemies you have. This is both the people you have declared your nemeses and the people who have declared you their nemesis. People who have declared you their nemesis show up as your enemies. It is up to you to decide if they are worthy of being your nemesis in return.
Social is the resting place of all the social features in the game.
NEWSFEED TAB: The Newsfeed is where you can see what has been happening to your Supreme while your attention was elsewhere. If you are wandering who has been attacking you, then look no further that your Newsfeed.
INBOX TAB: Your inbox contains messages about your interactions in the game. Check your Inbox regularly for updates on your Allies, Enemies, League, and Rewards.
*Gear Overflow: If your gear inventory is full, any extra gear will be stored in your inbox for a limited time. Fuse gear to clean out your inventory, then claim the overflow from your inbox. Your inventory will decoy (be deleted) after 21 days in your inbox.
*Allies: Ally request from other players are found here. Tap on “Accept” to forge an alliance. You will also receive a message here if another player ends your alliance.
*Enemies: When another player declares you their nemesis, or “Buries the Hatchet” with you, you will receive message in your inbox.
*League Invites: Invites to join a League can be found here, in your inbox.
CHAT TAB: The chat function allows you to chat, in real time, with other players around the world. You may access chat once you have connected your account to Facebook and reached at least level 10.
*Code of Conduct: Profanities and hate speech are prohibited in world chat. Violating the code of conduct can result in a ban from chat or even from the entire game.
*World Chat: Here, you can chat with other players currently playing the game.
*League Chat: In League chat, you can have a private conversation with your League.
*Player Options: By tapping on a Supreme’s image in chat, you can open up a set of options related to that Supreme.
- Muting/Unmuting: Tap Mute to never see a Supreme’s chat again. You will still see the player but not what they are saying. Tap on them again and choose unmute to undo this action.
- Report: Tap this to report a player’s behaviour.
- Profile: Tap on this option to open the player’s profile.
The Store is where you can purchase everything you need to become a powerful Supreme.
Packs are the most important item in the store. Each pack will rewards 5 random items – these may be consumables, abilities, or gear. More expensive packs drop more powerful items. The best packs in the store are the Supremium packs and the Limited Edition packs.
Participation in Events and doing Missions may allow you to earn free packs.
Use Bucks gained through Battle and Missions to purchase packs.
Supremium can purchase any pack in the store including some exclusive Supremium-only packs.
Card Rarity
Rarity of a card is indicated by its color; and by number of stars on its left side.
Common = 1 Star = Copper
Uncommon = 2 Star = Silver
Rare = 3 Stars = Gold
Legendary = 4 Stars = Purple
The rarer a card is, the more powerful it is in battle.
PERKS: Perks are a way to enhance your gameplay. They can only be purchased for Supremium. Perks last 8 hours. You can purchase multiple perks to increase this time.
*Increased Bucks Perk: While the Bucks perk is active, you will collect TRIPLE the Bucks rewards any time you collect Bucks.
*Increased XP Perk: While the XP perk is active, all XP rewards are DOUBLED.
REFILLS: Refills are a quick way to replenish your Energy or Fights.
Base Stats: Basics
Base Stats are the foundation of your Supreme. There are three Base Stats: Attack, Defense, & Mobility. As you level up and complete Missions you will earn more stat points to spend.
Base stats act as multipliers to the stats you gain from your abilities and gear. They provide a powerful foundation to compliment your gear and abilities.
ATTACK (ATK): This stat increases the amount of damage you do in battle.
DEFENSE (DEF): This stat decreases the amount of damage you take in battle.
MOBILITY (MOB): This stat determines who attacks first in combat, you base dodge chance and your base crit chance.
Base Stats: Advanced
Spending stat points is a permanent decision once you choose to “save”. Until you tap “save” you free to move the available points around in any way you like. You can add stat points by tapping the “+” button. Tapping the “-“ button will remove any newly added stats. Tapping “Revert” will return all unsaved points to your pool. Once you tap “Save” any points you have allocated will be permanently added to those stats and removed from your pool.
Tiering Missions, Issues, and Story Arcs as well as levelling will earn stat points.
Level Up = 4 Stat Points
Mission Tier 1 = 1 Stat Point
Mission Tier 2 = 2 Stat Points
Mission Tier 3 = 3 Stat Points
Mission Tier 4 = 4 Stat Points
Issue Tier 1 = 5 Stat Points
Issue Tier 2 = 10 Stat Points
Issue Tier 3 = 15 Stat Points
Issue Tier 4 = 20 Stat Points
Story Arc Tier 1 = 10 Stat Points
Story Arc Tier 2 = 20 Stat Points
Story Arc Tier 3 = 30 Stat Points
Story Arc Tier 4 = 40 Stat Points
Gear: Basics
Gear is equipment that your Supreme can wear to enhance your overall power.
You can get gear through purchasing packs in the store. You will also, occasionally, be rewarded gear in Missions.
Tap on “My Hero” in the bottom navigation bar. Then tap on “Equip Gear”. This will open your Gear Loadout. Tapping on a slot will open your gear inventory for that slot. Slots marked in red are slots for which you already own gear, but it is not equipped.
Once the gear slot is opened, you can perform the following actions:
*Equip a piece of gear by tapping on the power button icon in the top right.
*Expand the stat panel on a piece of gear by tapping the small triangle beneath the power button icon.
*Tap on the image of the piece of gear to see its card.
*Tap “Expand All” to quickly expand the detailed stat view for that inventory category.
Gear: Advanced
You have a limited number of pieces of gear you can wear. These are represented by the slots in your gear loadout:
1 Head Slot
1 Core Slot
2 Arm Slots
2 Ring Slots
2 Leg Slots
3 Belt Slots
As mentioned in Gear: Basics you can see gear stats on the card, or by expanding the detailed view of the item in your inventory.
While in inventory, if you have a piece of gear equipped already you will see the deltas (the differences) for each stat between the gear piece you have equipped and the one you are examining.
ATK: Increased the amount of damage you deal.
DEF: Reduces the amount of damage you take.
MOB: Determines who attacks first, base critical rating, and base dodge rating.
CRIT: Enhances your critical rating. This provides you with a greater chance for a critical hit in combat. Critical hits do more damage than normal hits.
DGE: Enhances your dodge rating. This provides you with a greater chance to dodge in combat. Dodges avoid damage completely.
DMG: Increases you base damage.
LIFE: Increases your life pool, allowing you to take more damage in battle.
Fusion: Basics
Fusion is the ability to scrap old or unwanted pieces of gear to enhance the power of another piece of hear.
Every fusion level adds to the overall stats of the card.
You can access fusion from the My Hero section.
Fusion has three steps.
Step 1) Choose a piece of gear to enhance, this is called your “Master” gear.
Step 2) Choose pieces of gear to scrap. These pieces will be gone forever once the fusion is complete so be sure to not scrap gear you might want.
Step 3) Tap the fuse button. Fusion costs a small amount of bucks per piece of gear being scrapped.
You can filter gear by tapping on “Filter List”, toggling on/off categories, and tapping “Get Filter Results”.
Fusion: Advanced
When choosing scrap to fuse, each piece of scrap adds different amounts of XP to your master.
Base XP Scrap Value
Common = 5
Uncommon = 10
Rare = 25
Legendary = 50
Bonus XP Scrap Value
XP Transfer = +20% of XP on Item. (If you scrap an item which has XP on it then 20% of the xp, on that item, is applied to your base xp value.)
Matching Slot Bonus = +50% XP
Exact Match = +100% Bonus (this includes the matching slot bonus)
Tips: Whenever possible try to use the matching slot bonus.
Gear Fusion levels unlock as your Supreme increases in level.
Gear Fusion levels 1 & 2 are available at player level 1.
Gear Fusion level 3 unlocks at player level 5.
Gear Fusion level 4 unlocks at player lever 10.
Gear Fusion level 5 unlocks at player level 30.
Gear Fusion unlocks every 30 levels after level 30 (60, 90, 120, 150, 180, 210, 240, 270, & 300).
Ability Cards: Basics
Ability Cards are the array of powers you have at your disposal. Ability cards are used when you enter combat. You will automatically bring in to battle your most powerful abilities in each type, up to your Ability Capacity. Each ability card has stats in any or all the following categories: Attack (ATK), Defense (DEF), and mobility (MB).
There are three types of ability cards: Attack (ATK), Defense (DEF), and Mobility (MOB).
Tip: Your Ability Capacity is how many cards of each type (ATK, DEF, MOB) you will bring into battle.
Ability Cards: Advanced
Ability Capacity determines how many abilities, of each type (ATK, DEF, MOB) you can take into battle. If your Ability Capacity is 12, then you will bring 12 Attack, 12 Defense, and 12 Mobility cards into Battle.
Your Ability Capacity for each type of ability = 3 * your level.
At level 10, your Ability Capacity is 30. You can take 30 Attack, 30 Defense, and 30 Mobility abilities into battle.
Ability stats combine with your base and gear stats to determine your stats in battle.
Your best abilities will automatically be selected to take into battle, up to your Ability Capacity.
Abilities have a level. This is the ability’s current level of mutation. See “Mutation” for more details.
You can combine matching Ability cards together to increase their overall power. Mutated cards also take one slot in your Ability Capacity, leaving room for more cards overall.
Mutation can be found in the “My Hero” section, under the “Abilities” tab. You can tap on the “Mutate” button and find the card you would like to mutate. You can also select a card in the ability card section by tapping on it, and then tapping on “Mutate” button at the bottom of the card overlay.
Once you select a card to mutate, the carousel will automatically filter to only see matching cards. Add cards to the mutation area and select “Mutate for (cost)” when done. You will be deducted some Bucks and your cards will be mutated into one powerful card.
You can mutate an ability up to Mutation Level 4.
Consumables: Basics & Refills
Consumables are single-use items. Once “consumed”, their benefits are immediate and the item is spent.
Energy Refresh consumables restore energy, allowing you to do more missions.
Fight Refresh consumables restore fights. Allowing you to do more battles.
Consumables: Buffs (Basics)
Buff consumables add stats to your character for their duration. Examine their cards for details on which stats they boost and how long boost lasts.
Buffs provide a significant advantage to battles; both against bosses in Missions, and against other Supremes in Battle. There are four buff slots, which unlock as you level.
Buffs add to your gear stats and can affect all the stats that gear affects. See the gear section of help for stat details.
Buffs lost a varying amount of time. The duration of a buff can be seen on the card or inventory details. When the duration expires, so does the buff.
Buffs can occasionally drop in Missions and in Packs. Booster Packs will always drop buffs of varying rarity.
Consumables: Buffs (Advanced)
To equip a buff go to the “My Hero” section and tap on the “Use Consumables” button and then on the “Buffs” tab.
Buffs function in a fashion similar to gear. Tapping the arrow in the upper right corner of each buff area will “equip” the buff. This consumes the buff and applies its effects to you for the duration. You will be prompted to confirm your choice. Buffs contain the same kind of stats and levels at the same rate as Gear. (See “Gear: Advanced” for Stats and Level Schedule)
Tapping the triangle in the lower right corner of each buff area will expand the stat view for the buff.
IF you have multiple buff slots available to you, top the slot you would like to add a buff to before consuming a new buff.
If you have a buff “equipped” you can overwrite that buff by consuming another. You will be asked to confirm this choice.
You can also cancel an active buff by tapping on the slot and tapping the “x” in the upper right of the inventory list.
Supreme Profiles
Tapping on another Supreme’s avatar image will open their profile overlay. Here, you can review their base stats and current abilities and gear, as well as other information.
Reviewing a Supreme’s base stats is a good indicator of their base strength and base build.
A Supreme’s win loss record and KOTH (King of the Hill) rank are another indicator of their power. Do they have a lot of losses? Are they ranked higher than you.
Their allies and enemies count shows you how loved or hated they are. Tapping on either of these counts will open a carousel of that supreme’s allies and enemies.
ALLY BUTTON: Tapping this will send an ally request to that player. If they accept it you are now allied. To end an alliance open your carousel on your My Hero page, tap on Allies, find the ally in question, and choose “End Alliance”. You can have 10 allies.
NEMESIS BUTTON: Tapping this will declare that player your Nemesis. They will show up in your Enemies Carousel as a Nemesis. You will show up in their carousel as an Enemy. Nemeses are people you have declared your nemesis. Enemies are people who have declared you their Nemesis. You can revoke a Nemesis declaration by navigating to My Hero, tap on Enemies, find the Supreme in question, and tap “Bury The Hatchet”. You can declare 5 nemeses. You can have an unlimited amount of enemies (people who have declared you their Nemesis).
Leagues are organizations of Supremes, bound together for as long as they all agree to do so.
Supremes might bond together for mutual protection, for mutual education, or even because they all share a common enemy. Leagues are a great place to make friends, help and be helped, and find advice during events.
JOINING A LEAGUE: To join a League, go to the Home page (icon is in the top right, above the HUD). There you can see a list of Leagues.
Leagues with open enrolment are accepting all corners.
You can request to join a league with closed enrolment. Tap on the “view” button to open the league profile, then tap on the “Request to Join” button to send a request to that League’s leader. If they accept, you will become a member of the League. Check your inbox for any updates on your request.
CREATING A LEAGUE: To create a league tap the “Create A New League” button in the “Leagues” section. Choose a name, choose an icon, and purchase your new league registration. Creating league cost either bucks or supremium.
LEAGUE CHAT: Tap on the chat button, on the League Page, to open League Chat.
LEAGUE MANAGEMENT: In League Management, you have various options related to your league. If you are a League leader, it is here that you manage your Allies, Enemies, and members as well as change your icon.
As a League member, this is where you may leave your league.
Events are organized, timed, leaderboards where Supremes are sorted into level brackets and battle for supremacy!
You can get to Events by tapping on the Home button and then tapping on the Events button. If there are no current Events in progress, this will navigate you to the Events List. If there is an Event in progress, this will navigate you to the Event lobby. To navigate from an Event lobby, or ladder, to the Event list just tap the back arrow in the top left of the Event ladder.
Events can, and will happen at any time of day. Check in regularly to see if an Event is happening. You can also enable push notifications to be sent a message whenever an Event is in progress.
Events grant rewards, cash, experience, and EXCLUSIVE items. Join Events as often as possible. Many Events will give you a reward just for participating in them! All Events will have rank rewards. At the end of the Event the ladders will be locked and rewards will be available based on your final rank.
To join an Event, enter the lobby, from either the Home page or the Event list. In the lobby, you can review the rules for the Event, and the prizes you can win through it.
Once you’re ready, tap on the “Join” button to register for the Event. You can then enter the Event by tapping on either the “Enter Event” button in the lobby or the “Enter” button in the Events list.
Event Rules
Events can vary, one to another. Here’s a brief list of what can differ between them. Be sure to review the rules in the lobby to get the specifics of each Event.
WIN LIMIT: Inside an event there is no win limit when attacking higher ranked Supremes. Wins during on Event do not count towards your daily win limit in Street Battles. Keep in mind, this rule change only counts when attacking up (or higher ranks) during Events. You can not attack down (lower ranked) Supremes during the Event.
TIME: Events can last minutes, hours, or even days.
GEAR RESTRICTIONS: Most Events will use your full compliment of gear when you battle in the Event. During some events your gear will be disabled. To succeed in these Events, focus on your ability ards.
ABILITY RESTRICTIONS: Some Events might limit how large your Ability Capacity can be. These restrictions will be the same for all Supremes involved. For instance, if Ability Limit is 25, then all Supremes in the event, regardless of level will be limited to no more than 25 ATK, 25 DEF, & 25 MOB cards. To succeed in these Events focus on mutation those ability cards you are brining into battle and have a solid set (or two) of fully-fused gear.
Battling in Supreme Heroes is “asynchronous”. This is a fancy way of saying that your battle does not require your opponent be logged in when you attack them (and vice versa). You can initiate battles from Battles, Ranks, player profiles, your Newsfeed, and Events. All battles are calculated by the server and then sent to you.
Whether you win or lose is based on several factors:
1) BASE BUILD: You earn stat points for levelling up, as well as for tiering up missions, issues, and story arcs. How many of these points you have earned and how you’ve spent them is the foundation of your Supreme.
2) GEAR LOADOUT: The gear you are wearing has a profound effect who you can beat in battle. Having multiple sets of gear is highly beneficial; different opponents will require different focuses in your gear. Fuse your gear often to ensure it is operating at peak performance. There are many different variations on battle stats and they all play into the ultimate results. Supreme builds are highly individualized. Try playing with different complements of gear and see how that effects battle outcomes. Depending on your opponent, your gear build might need adjusting to gain victory. Gear is the quickest, easiest, and most immediate way to alter your destiny in combat.
3) ABILITY CARDS: Your collection of ability cards is the muscle behind your punch. Be sure to fill out your ability capacity and mutate as many cards as you can afford. Rarer cards carry more power, but don’t undervalue a level 4 Common or uncommon. High level commons and uncommons are always better than having a less-than-full ability capacity. High-level Rares and Legendaries are the STUFF OF LEGENDS. Ability cards are automatically added to your power when you battle. You can bring 3 ability cards of each type (ATK,DEF,MOB) into battle for each level you have attained. This is called your ability capacity. If you are level 10 you can bring 30 Attack, 30 Defense, and 30 Mobility cards into battle with you. The battle system will automatically bring your most powerful cards in first.
Battle Rounds
Once a battle has been initiated, initiative is determineds, and the Supreme who won initiative will attack. Their Attack is weighed against their opponent’s Defense to determine their final damage.
ROUND TO ROUND: Once the Supreme who won initiative completes their attack, the defender takes their turn. Now they are on the offensive. When their attack has been concluded, that is the end of the first round. The second round begins with the attack passing back to the Supreme who won initiative for the battle.
CHANCE TO CRITICAL HIT: Supremes have a chance to do critical damage. The base chance comes from their mobility and can be lowered by their opponent’s mobility. Crit Rating bonuses (from gear and consumables) can enhance this chance to crit. If a Supreme gets a critical hit, they deal additional damage.
CHANCE TO DODGE: Supremes have a chance to dodge incoming attackts, fully negating any damage they would have taken. Much like crit, the base chance to dodge comes from a Supreme’s mobility and can be lowered by their opponent’s mobility. Dodge Rating bonuses (from gear and consumables) can enhance this chance to dodge.
Battle Summary Screen
During a battle, you will see two bars under your Supreme, as well as under your opponent’s Supreme. These bars represent the quantity and quality of your ability and gear cards.
The percentage of the ability bar which is filled is representative of having a full and fully mutated ability tool. A completely full bar means you have filled your ability capacity and mutated your cards as much as is possible at your current level.
The percentage of the gear bar which is filled is representative of having a full, and fully mutated set of gear. A completely full bar means you have a piece of gear equipped to every gear slot, and have fused that gear as much as possible at your current level.
The color breakdown within each bar represents the distribution of rarities you have in that category.
Copper = Common Cards
Silver = Uncommon Cards
Gold = Rare Cards
Purple = Legendary Cards
A “Buffed” tag will display under either Supreme if they currently have at least one active Buff.
Below the animated battle, you can view additional stats breakdowns. These additional bars are direct comparison of your stats vs. your enemy’s stats.
In the Gear and Ability Carousels you can see which cards your opponent and yourself are bringing into battle. Tap on an image to see the full card.
Battle (Advanced)
Your base stats are the foundations of your Supreme. They act as a multiplier to the stats you get from gear and abilities. Your choices here will determine which builds you can beat handily and which builds are difficult for you.
Attack determines how much damage you do in battle. Good partners to Attack are Crit Rating and Damage.
Defense reduces the amount of damage you take in battle. Good partners to Defense are Life and Damage.
Mobility determines initiative, base crit rating, and base dodge rating. Good partners to mobility are crit rating, dodge rating and damage.
FOCUSED BUILDS:  Focusing completely on one stat is a wild gamble. You will be able to beat some Supremes and Mission bosses that others have problems with. But you will be vulnerable to more builds. For focused builds try to accrue gear in your primary stat and its secondary compliments. Fuse gear and mutate cards which play to these strengths. Consider filling your other loadouts with other types of gear that aren’t in your primary focus. In this way you can attempt to overcome those builds which are giving your problems.
HYBRID BUILDS: Hybrid builds might be lacking some of the raw power that a focused build can achieve, but they gain flexibility in return. They can also serve to confuse opponents who are trying to defeat you. This can come from how and where you spent your points. Did you split your points evenly between two slots? Or did you break them up in a more uneven way? Hybrid builds should focus on gear and abilities which complement their primary stats. Fill your additional loadouts with variations on your hybrid theme.
BALANCED BUILDS:  A balanced build puts points in all three stats, generally in a fairly even spread. Balanced builds may not be able to hit the heights of damage, dodge, (etc) that the hybrid or focused builds can attain. In return though, they are solid builds and highly flexible. Swapping between your gear loadouts can completely shift the focus of a balanced builds. More than any other build type, this build needs lots and lots of gear. The more complete sets of gear you have the more you can change how your build performs, and the more Supremes you can defeat.
GEAR BUILDS: Gear can swing the focus, strengths, and weaknesses of your build. Fill your loadouts with different builds and try swapping between them when you encounter an enemy you can’t defeat. Often, a shift in gear will change the outcome of a battle.
CONSUMABLE BUFFS: Consumables Buffs can be attained through many of the packs in the store. Booster packs always drop consumable buffs. Active buffs are messaged on the battle screen. Consume buffs when you need that extra edge to defeat a particularly difficult enemy. Buffs can also help you gain and hold positions in Events. Try to time your buffs with the end of any event you might be in. You don’t want your buffs to expire in the last minutes of an Event.


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