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This is the 100% working Farm Epic hacks, cheats, trainer, tool that will give you unlimited cash, coins, lives, power-ups and boosts.
You can use the cash and coins generated by Farm Epic cheats tool. Farm Epic Facebook trainer is easy to use and you can easily purchase the best power-ups which you can use for all levels.
This hack will help you cheat in Farm Epic game. If you want to know how to hack gems or how to cheat to get unlimited cash, coins, lives, power-ups and boosts in Farm Epic then read on.

Farm Epic Hack Features

  • Add Unlimited Cash Hack (Free Cash)
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  • Add Unlimited Power-ups Hack
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Farm Epic

(Trainer Hack Tool)

farm epic hack
Name: Farm Epic Hack Cheat Trainer Tool
Price: Free for Limited Time

  Generates Cash/Coins
  Farm Epic Cash Hack (Unlimited Cash)
  Farm Epic Coins Hack (Unlimited Coins)
  Farm Epic Life Hack (Unlimited Max Lives)
  Farm Epic Free Power-ups Cheat
  Farm Epic Secret Cheats
  Auto Update / Help & Guide Accessible
  Auto Play Hack *HOT*
farm epic trainer

About Farm Epic

Farm Epic is a match puzzle Facebook game developed by 6waves that lets you play with cute and heroic animal friends to help you in your journey. The game uses different power-ups and tools like sickles and rakes on board which you can use to complete different levels. Earning 3 stars for a level means you have managed to rank a high score.
Animal Pals can give you boost while playing. You will need to match their sets of vegetables to use their boost.
billy bull
Billy Bull’s sickle boost appears when you match 2 sets of tomatoes.  Billy Bull watches over the farm and can lend a hand with a Sickle, great for harvesting areas of vegetables.
patrick pig
Patrick Pig’s Watering Can boost appears when you match 2 sets of eggplants. Patrick Pig is a helpful hog with a Watering Can, which doubles vegetables when used in.
samuel sheep
Samuel Sheep’s Rake boost appears when you match 2 sets of pumpkins. Samuel Sheep keeps the farm in tip tidy shape with Rake, which harvests an entire column of vegetables all at once.
riley rabbit
Riley Rabbit’s Bag boost appears when you match 2 set of corn. Riley Rabbit is ready with his trusty bag, which harvests several vegetables of one kind.
hank horse
Hank Horse’s Hat boost appears when you match 2 sets of cabbages. Hank Horse doesn’t horse around he gets right down with the Hats, which can transform vegetables to the same kind you last matched.
Tools and objects you can interact in the game include Sickles, Watering Cans, Rakes, Bags, Hats, Moles, Vines, Ladybugs and Snails. Below are the different descriptions for them.
Sickles – Make consecutive tomato matches and Billy Bull will give you a Sickle, which harvest areas of crops.
watering cans
Watering Cans – Make consecutive eggplant matches and Patrick Pig gives you a Watering Can, which doubles crops.
Rakes – Make consecutive pumpkin matches and Sally Sheep gives you a Rake which harvest rows/columns of crops.
Bags – Make consecutive corn matches and Rachel Rabbit gives you a Bag, which harvests crops of one kind.
Hats – Make consecutive cabbage matches, Harriet Horse’s Hat transforms crops to the same kind you last matched.
Moles – The mole scampers off to a new square and leaves droppings with every move you make. Use the Sickle, Rake, Shovel or Pest-B-Gone to scare the Mole away.
Vines – Vines can be cleared by matching the crops they cover or with a Rake, Sickle, Shovel or Shears!
Ladybugs – Ladybugs can be cleared by matching crops or with a Sickle, Rake, Shovel or Pest-B-Gone.
Snails – The snail can’t be removed by matching crops. You should use Sickle, Rake, Shovel or Pest-B-Gone to remove them.

Tutorial How to Use Facebook Farm Epic Hack Tool
1. Login to your Facebook account.
2. Start the Farm Epic Hack Tool. (No need to download Cheat Engine, already binded with the Hack Tool)
3. Edit the values.
4. Choose and turn on from the Cash and Coins Hack Tool features.
5. Click on Start Hack.
6. Visit Farm Epic Facebook game app.
Farm Epic Cheats/Hack Proof:
farm epic cheats
Get free infinite cash, coins, max lives and more using the Farm Epic Hack, Cheats, Trainer, Tool.

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