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About G.I. JOE: Battleground

G.I. JOE: Battleground (RPG) is a casual card game app available on the Appstore for iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, and on the Google Play Store for Android mobile phones and tablets. The game lets you assemble and train squads of G.I Joe, Cobra, or mixed characters. In the game, you can choose between the heroic forces of G.I. JOE or the terrorist Cobra. G.I. JOE: Battleground features a over 100 unique characters to collect and train ranging from common, uncommon, rare and epic. G.I. JOE Battleground is completely free to play. The “G.I.” in G.I. Joe stands for “General Issue”. Start playing G.I. JOE: Battleground now and experience fighting with or against the Real American Hero. Additionally, another suggested best game hack you can test is the Legends Rise of a Hero Cheat Engine Hack Tool. You may also want to check the Triviador Hack, Cheats and Trainer.
Want to know more about D.O.T.? Read the G.I. JOE Battlegroun Wiki and Game Guide below.

G.I. JOE: Battleground Hack Features

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G.I. JOE: Battleground

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G.I. JOE: Battleground® (RPG) Hack Tool and Cheats 100% Working
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Tutorial How to Use G.I. JOE: Battleground Hack Tool
1. Connect your iOS or Android device to computer using USB. (G.I. JOE: Battleground must be installed and running with Internet connection.)
2. Start the G.I. JOE: Battleground Hack Tool.
3. Click the Detect Device button.
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4. Edit the values.
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G.I. JOE: Battleground Wiki and Game Guide

The World of G.I. JOE Battleground

About the Game

Game Overview

Welcome to the G.I. Joe universe! The world continues to be a battleground for Joe and Cobra Forces;
Joe fighting to maintain order and peace while Cobra for global domination.
Form your ultimate Joe, Cobra or Mixed team and begin your adventure!


Joe and Cobra battle across 3 available world regions with each varying from the last.


There are the subdivisions of a region. Each area is further divided into zones.


Zone Overview
The subdivisions of an area.
Step Overview
Your advancement through a zone is measured in steps. Tap an arrow to advance, and you will automatically move to the next icon (Foe, Chest, etc.) All branches lead to the end of the zone, but they may have different obstacles and rewards along the way. Each step consumes one energy.
Each step you take requires energy, which regenerates at the rate of one point every five minutes. Your energy is displayed at the top of the screen.
Clearing Zones
Reach the end of the zone to clear it.
The Spoils
You receive spoils for clearing a zone. You can also open any Supply Crate(s) and/or Care Package(s) at this point as well. The next zone is then unlocked and your squad regains full HP.
In the Zone
If your squad is defeated, it is forced to withdraw from the zone. Any rare Care Package(s) found are lost, and you must attempt the zone from the beginning.
Before heading back in, it’s good idea to strengthen your squad by returning to an earlier zone or strengthening your units through Training. After withdrawing, your brigade regains full HP.
Cash Case
Contain varying amount of credits.
Contain credits or items.
Supply Crate
These hold rare items and cannot be opened until the zone is cleared.
Care Package
These contain the rarest items and cannot be opened until the zone is cleared. The contents are usually superior to that found in Supply Crates. Care Packages can handle credits as well.


Battle Overview

Touching a Foe Icon within a zone brings up the battle screen. You can swap in units from reserve and adjust your brigade composition before touching “To Battle!” to begin the fight.


Defeat all foes to win a battle and earn XP.


If everyone in your party is rendered unconscious, you lose the battle and your foe will leave the battlefield.


When a unit’s HP reaches 0, they fall unconscious and can no longer fight.

Game Over

If everyone in your brigade is unconscious, the game is over. If your leader loses consciousness, the game is over even if your units still have HP. Use a med-evac to revive the entire brigade, or a defibrillator to revive your leader to continue advancing through the zone without withdrawing.


The end of each area is guarded by a boss. Defeat the boss to advance to the next area. If you’re defeated by a boss, the boss will not recover any HP lost in the battle, which will help in your next attempt.


Afflictions Overview
Conditions are beneficial or harmful effects applied using skills in battle.
A poisoned unit losses HP with each of its turns.
A paralyzed unit cannot take actions for one turn.
A temporary positive condition.
A temporary negative condition.

PvP Battles

Basic Rules

You may encounter opponents while exploring a zone. Select an opponent from the list to begin battle! Win 3 battles in 10 minutes to claim a reward. The more back-to-back wins you accumulate, the greater the reward. There are also rewards for each day’s top-ranked competitors!
Win Streaks
Receive a reward each time you get 3 back-to-back wins. If you lose, your record is reset to 0. If you don’t get 3 wins in 10 minutes, none of your wins in the time-period count.


Ranking are determined by the number of wins between 11pm to 9pm (PST) the next day. The rewards change daily so battle every day for prizes!


You can choose to do all-out or standard attacks. All-out attacks take 3 ammo, but your party’s stat receive a 50% bonus. You can use two items quickly replenish morale!
Reload: Restores 1 point of ammo.
Restock: Fully restores ammo.


Skill Overview

Units have a variety of skills they can use during battle.

Skill Levels

Levelling Up Skills
By using Upgrade, a unit’s skill(s) can increase to a maximum level of 20.
Skill Proc Rate
At higher skill levels, skills proc more often during combat.
Skill Types
Opening Skills
Skills triggered at the beginning of battle.
Attack Skills
Skills triggered when attacking.
Defense Skills
Skills triggered when being attacked.


Units Overview

Units are bound to serve a leader after being drafted via recruitment or by flash bang/stun grenade after being defeated in battle. There is a limit to the number of units you can have; any units beyond this number are held in the surplus of 24 hours. Sell units or use them in an upgrade to thin their numbers.

Hector Ramirez

When a unit receives an upgrade with Hector Ramirez, it gains more Skill XP than usual. If you find Hector Ramirez, access the Training menu from the Home Screen to use it in an upgrade.


Rarity Overview
A classification used to indicate the relative power of a leader or unit. Each of the four rarities has its own level cap. Rarer units also have better skills. However, the higher the rarity, the less likely you are to acquire one.
The lowest rarity level.
The next rarest level above common.
The next rarest level above uncommon.
The next rarest level above rare.
Stat Growth
There are three types of stat growth: fast, normal, and late bloomer. After gaining a level, units gain stats such as ATK and DEF at varying rates depending on their type.
Stats increase quickly.
Stats increase normally.
Late Bloomer
Stat increase slowly at first, then much more quickly at higher levels.
A leader or unit’s underlying attributes. Each character has its own strengths and weaknesses.
Hit points. Characters lose HP when they take damage in battle.
Regaining HP
Units placed in reserve regain HP with each step taken. You can also use Medkit to fully restore the HP of one unit.
The experience points earned as you encounter and defeat enemies while exploring a zone. When the XP gauge fills, the character gains a level.
The ability to deal damage in combat.
Protection against damage received in combat.
Determines tactics proficiency. Also protects against tactics-based attacks.
More agile characters can act before their foes during battle.
Levelling Up
When a unit gains a level its HP is restored and its stats improve. The player will gain XP independently with each battle (regardless of Joe or Cobra alliance at the time) and upon levelling up will restore their energy and ammo to full.

Checking Stats

While in a zone, tap and hold your leader or unit on the Brigade/Upgrade/Dismiss screen to review its stats.


Squad Overview

Band a group of units into a squad to explore a zone. You can form up to three squads; a Joe, a Cobra and a Mixed squad. You cannot adjust a squad or change formations once within a zone. You can drag and drop units to assign their positions. When selecting “Auto Squad”, your leader will always be placed at the center of the reserve.

Auto Squad

Select Auto while banding to have your squad assembled for you.


Brigade Overview
A brigade is made up of a party, broken down into front, center, and rear positions, and a reserve. Cannot be changed while in a zone.


The foremost position in a party. Units in the front deal more damage but they also take more in return.
The center position in a squad.
The backmost position in a squad. Units in the rear take less damage, but they deal less too.

Front Line

The units in the forward, fighting lines of a squad.

The Reserve

Reserve Overview
Units in the reserve stand behind the front line. Each reserve position can hold a single unit. If a unit in the front line falls unconscious during the battle, it is automatically replaced with a conscious unit from the reserve (if available) at the end of battle.
You can swap units between the front line and reserve while exploring a zone. The number of circles at the bottom of each character indicates the number of characters in reserve. Units in reserve regain HP with each step, so it’s good idea to place wounded units in reserve.


Formation Overview
Each squad marches to battle in a given formation. Occasionally you’ll learn a new formation after clearing a zone.


Upgrade Overview

Units can pledge themselves towards a single primary unit to improve its skill(s). Once complete, the secondary(ies) will no longer appear in your list.
A primary can have up to eight secondaries at a time and each raises the skill level of the primary.
Once bound to a primary through upgrade, a secondary can no longer be part of a squad, and will not appear in your unit list.

Making an Upgrade

Tap to select/unselect a unit. Tap and hold to view the unit’s stats. Frist select the unit that will become the primary, then select its secondaries. If costs gold for an upgrade.
After the process is complete, the secondary(ies) will no longer appear in your unit list. Units in a squad can be selected as primary, but not as secondary.

Master Skill Levels

Rare units earn more skill XP when selected as primary. Using an upgrade from two of the same units provides a further skill XP bonus.


Unit Promotion

By combining two of the same unit, it is possible to create a promoted unit that is stonger than the originals. The rarity of some units may change after promotion, and it’s even possible their initial stats may be lower. Rest assured that after gaining some levels their new stats will surpass the old!
The unit to be evolved.
The unit used as a pledge in the promotion process is called “secondary”. Similar to the upgrade process, the secondary(ies) is removed from your units after promotion is complete. Only one secondary may be chosen in each promotion.

How to Promote

Tap a unit or select or deselect it. Tap and hold on a unit to view its detailed stats. First choose the target unit, or “Primary”, then choose the secondary. Credits are necessary to complete the evolution. Note that units currently in a squad may not be selected.

Stat Transferral

A primary inherits 5% of the secondary’s stats by default. However, the higher the level of the secondary, the more stats are transferred. A secondary raised to max level will transfer 10% of its stats to the primary.

Multiple Promotions

A unit can only evolve a limited number of times—the more star icons it has, the more it can be promoted. Promoting a rare twice increases the unit’s rarity and changes its skills.


Boost Units

Empowering a unit raises its core stats. To boost a unit one must adorn a medal to the unit in the area of either HP, Attack, Defense, Agility or Tactics which bolster their stats in the same field.

Boost Medals

These medals house the very essence of one of the five core stats. The ceremony of presenting a character with a boost medal effectively awards them with additional points into the medal’s corresponding stat.
HP Medal
Increases HP by 50.
Attack Medal
Increases ATK by 50.
Defense Medal
Increases DEF by 50.
Agility Medal
Increases AGI by 50.
Tactics Medal
Increases TAC by 50.


Your Items

View your possessions to examine and use any items you’ve collected. If you can’t hold more of a given item, it will be placed in the surplus. Items for use on captives can only be used when after defeating them in battle (note: not all enemies can be captured after defeat). Any recruitment tokens you’ve found will not appear in your list of items, but you can see them on the Recruitment Screen.

Items Descriptions

A standard military ration that restores energy. Can be used in or out of a zone.
Standard-issue medical supplies for the battlefield. Fully restores the HP of one unit.
A small generator with paddles that resuscitates an unconscious unit. Revives one unconscious unit.
A second-wind that blows through the battlefield in your favour which both revives and fully restores the HP of your squad.
Restores 1 point of ammo.
Fully restores ammo.


Dissmissing Units

Dismissing a unit relieves them of duty in exchange for a sum of credit. If you find yourself with too many of a certain unit, the credits may be of more use.


Requesting Recruits

The process of drafting and adding a new unit under your command. Visit the Recruit Page from the Home Screen to begin the process.

Platinum Recruits

The Platinum Recruit may only be attempted once, but will always yield a rare unit.

Gold Recruits

A recruit guaranteed to obtain one of the more powerful units. Gold Recruit always draw a unit that’s rare or above.
Gold Tokens
A gold military token which is redeemed for a Gold Recruit. Can be purchased with MobaCoins.

Silver Recruits

Superior to bronze recruit, these cost one silver token. The unit will be chosen at random.
Silver Tokens
A silver military token which is redeemed for a Silver Recruit. Can be found in Care Packages and as a reward for clearing a zone.

Bronze Recruits

A recruit which can be had for free once per day. Can also be purchased for one bronze token. The unit will be chosen at random.
Bronze Tokens
A bronze military token which is redeemed for a Bronze Recruit. Can be found in Supply Crates and as a reward for clearing a zone.


An Opportunity

After battle, it’s possible to recruit captive foes using your incapacitating item(s). If successful, the captive will join your list of owned units.

Recruiting Captives

Stun Grenade
An item used to recruit captives. Will always succeed in making a captive your unit.
Flash Bang
An item used to recruit captives. Found in supply crates and care packages, and as a reward for clearing a zone. Unlike a stun grenade, a flash bang does not assure a successful attempt at converting a captive.


Ally Overview

Your leader’s friends within the game.

Adding and Removing

You can send ally requests to other players. You can later remove them from your allies if you wish.


Shop Overview

Purchasing Items
You can purchase items in the shop with MobaCoin.

The Surplus

Surplus Overview

An area where miscellaneous supplies are stored.
Check here for rewards, compensation for service difficulties, and other items. You have 30 days to collect these items
When you can’t hold any more of a certain unit or item, it’s stored here. You only have 24 hours to collect these items before they are automatically deleted, so don’t wait.


Your Collection

View all the types of units you have acquired, sortable by rarity. Tap an acquired unit to view details.


*Invite Campaign is available only on Android.

About Invites

Invite friends who haven’t tried G.I. Joe: Battleground to earn rewards for you and your friends. The more friends you invite, the more rewards you can receive.

Sending Invites

  1. Send your invite ID, or:
  2. Tell your friend your invite ID.
  3. Have your friend input your invite ID in the game.
  4. You and your friend both receive presents.
  5. Send enough invites and you can get rarer units.

Important Notes

  • You only get one Invite ID. Check your invite ID from the Info Screen, or by tapping the Invite Banner at the bottom left of the Home Screen. Note: You can only use your Invite ID once.
  • The invited player has three days after starting the game to input your Invite ID. A player can only input one Invite ID. After completing the tutorial, the Invite ID can be input from the Info Screen.
  • The rewards for both players will appear in their surplus.
  • Invites sent between multiple accounts on the same device are not valid.

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